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The following videos are also available at the CyclistLorax channel on YouTube.

The Rights and Duties of Cyclists (04:21)
SR241: The Case for Bicyclist Access (04:01)
Lane Control at Freeway Ramps (05:36)
Lane Control at Freeway Ramps - Alternate Version (05:10)
Mandeville Canyon - Cyclist/Motorist Cooperation (03:48)
Long Beach (CA) Traffic Circle (06:01)
Lane Control in San Luis Obispo (05:23)
Lane Splitting in Laguna Beach, CA (04:52)
Bicycle Driving on SoCal Arterials (04:44)
Ultra Climber on 2008 Fargo Hill Climb (07:11)
Lane Control in Long Beach, CA (09:06)
ABC Quick Check - Bicycle Safety (03:01)
Bike Control Drills - Bike Ed Road I Course (02:53)
Ultra Climber on Fargo Street (03:37)
Sand Canyon Roundabout (02:41)

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