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Archived Presentations:

Integrated Traffic CyclingTM Introduction

The Integrated Traffic CyclingTM suite is a set of interactive PowerPoint Introduction, Traffic Rules, and Traffic Skills presentations that teach Cyclists to act as vehicle drivers.  The Introduction is provided on the Cyclist View website.

The Genesis of Dual Chase ViewTM:
New Video Technology for Cyclist Education and Advocacy

The genesis for Dual Chase ViewTM - new video technology for cyclist education and advocacy - is shown in this PowerPoint presentation converted to online slides with video.

Equitable Bicyclist Planning and Design: Using the Equity Statement's 6Es to Support the Cycling Behavior Spectrum

By showing on-bike video of cyclists in traffic, and combining this with road diagrams and novel traffic crash analysis, this presentation is designed to help advocates and transportation professionals understand and inclusively plan for the diverse spectrum of cyclists.

Signal Loop Detection

A high level view of how signal loop detectors work and how to make them better function for bicyclists.

Gore Separated Bike Lanes:
Just Say No!

This is the online version of the June 7, 2007 CABO presentation to the California Bicycle Advisory Committee

Coast Highway in Dana Point, California:
CABO Leadership in Overturning the Ban

This PowerPoint presentation, converted to online slides with video, provides the background and history for the overturning of the proposed Coast Highway bicycling ban in Dana Point, California.

Bicyclist Lateral Roadway Position versus Motorist Overtaking Distance

A novel data collection method using bicycle helmet mounted video cameras has been applied to a case study of bicyclist lateral roadway position versus motorist overtaking distance.

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